A New Year’s Eve accident had drastic consequences for a San Diego area pair. A young couple from El Cajon spent their holiday in the hospital after recovering from a catastrophic accident. The accident occurred on Christmas eve after the couple left a family dinner to celebrate the holiday.

Sadly, a New Year’s Eve accident is all too common for people in the San Diego area and across the country, since it’s one of the worst times of the year for a car crash. Higher numbers of wrong-way crashes happen on December 31st A New Year’s Eve accident could lead to significant injuries and damage. In some situations, it might even become the foundation for a personal injury claim.

As the couple inside the car approached the intersection, another car tried to beat the first driver across, causing a collision and significant injuries for the victims. The driver of the vehicle had severe damage to his face, he had to have skin grafted from his ear onto his left eyelid. This sad story is an example of just how quickly an accident victim’s life can be turned upside down.

He had 17 staples and more than 500 stitches. The passenger in the car was pregnant and suffered a collapsed lung, leading the doctors to insert a chest tube. Any accident can have significant consequences that change the life of affected individuals. in the event that someone else is responsible for an accident in which you recently sustained injuries, it is important to consult with an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible.