Every driver dreads it.  No man, woman or teenage driver wants it to happen to them.  And yet, unlike the horrible driver’s license picture, this can be avoided if you simply follow the rules of the road.

In El Cajon, getting caught by a red-light camera means that a $436 citation probably will arrive in your mailbox.

If you never run a red-light, not only will you not get stuck with a traffic ticket, but you could prevent an auto accident.  Not only is running a red-light dangerous to you and your passengers, as you could potentially cause a car accident that ends in numerous personal injures, but it is dangerous to other drivers who follow the laws.

Each year in the United States, car accidents caused by people running red lights result in nearly 1,000 deaths and about 90,000 personal injuries.  As car accident attorneys, we believe the statistics speak for themselves.  We know that many personal injuries like spinal cord injuries, whiplash and traumatic brain injuries could be avoided if only a driver followed traffic laws.

If you get into a car accident, you may not know to get treatment for your personal injuries.  Some of these injuries can result in needing medical treatment, and you may not know how and where to get medical treatment.  Our car accident lawyers have a handy medical treatment resource page that can help you get the treatment you need.

El Cajon’s attend to lower car accident statistics at red lights will continue for another five years.

To combat and try and control this overwhelming problem, automatic cameras are being installed over intersections that catch red light runners in the act.  As a result, law enforcement officials are able to fine offenders through the mail and can now monitor entire intersections.

El Cajon has had red-light cameras since 1996.  This week, the City Council decided without comment to extend the contract for an additional five years.

The cameras are currently at seven busy intersections around the city, with views in both directions at Fletcher Parkway and Magnolia Avenue and at Magnolia and Madison avenues. Cameras are also at Broadway and Mollison Avenue, Jamacha Boulevard and Main Street, Main Street and Mollison Avenue, El Cajon Boulevard and Washington Street, and Washington Street and Mollison Avenue.

El Cajon police Lieutenant, who’s in charge of the department’s special enforcement division, said 6,364 citations for running red lights were issued in El Cajon between Jan. 1 and June 30 this year.

In San Diego alone, the number of car accidents caused by drivers who run red lights dropped 44 percent in areas with the cameras.  Meanwhile, red light running auto accidents increased by 14 percent when the camera program was suspended.

Either way, as car accident attorneys, we believe that a safe driver is a good driver and by doing something as simple as following traffic laws could prevent auto accidents from occurring.

Is  getting to your destination on time worth the personal injuries and even wrongful deaths that can occur from a car accident if you choose to run a red light?

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