In one of this week’s blog postings, we urged San Diego to be cautious when heading out as a pedestrian on our city streets. Like us, the city of El Cajon is also fired about pedestrian safety in wake of a fatality that occurred in one of the city’s most busy streets.

Earlier this month, a middle-aged man was killed after being struck by two cars in one of El Cajon’s busiest, controlled intersections. The individual was hit by at least two cars, according to NBC San Diego, and the accident was not the first of its kind at that intersection. Apparently, the area is notorious for being unsafe.

Residents of the area have noted unsafe conditions, especially due to the fast speeds that motorists are said to travel near the 800 block of Avocado Avenue. Others have expressed concern over the dim lighting of the street and its zoning. With increasingly high numbers of multi-housing in the area, residents say the congested zone is responsible for many of the vehicle accidents known to have occurred on that block.

According to NBC San Diego 7, city officials of El Cajon are investigating the area but there are no immediate plans to remediate the block.


If you’re like us, street safety is a huge passion. Perhaps you or a loved one was injured in a related accident or maybe you are a safety advocate determined to make a difference. Or maybe you’re both! Either way, to initiate change, voices must be heard.

If you’re familiar with the Avocado Avenue block in El Cajon, and you want to see something being done about its safety and the safety of the city’s residents, write a letter to the city manager to voice your concerns.

In addition, please be sure to increase your focus and attention when driving the area. Residents are also encouraged to use signage (such as a “Slow Down” sign made for residential streets and available for private consumer purchase) to encourage safe driving.

As always, be sure to eliminate all distractions when engaged in driving. Regardless of the area, you should always dedicate your attention to driving when behind the wheel of a vehicle. That means no phone calls, texting, fiddling with technology such as GPS or other dangerous behavior when driving. Simply put everything down and drive.

Save your own life or the life of another person; Do the right thing and drive distraction-free!

We hope that the city of El Cajon will work to make this area and other areas of concern safer to drive for its residents.


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