A 70-year old driver’s error led to serious injuries for 9 children recently when the vehicle jumped the curb and slammed into pedestrians. The pedestrian accident story, as reported by NBC San Diego, is an unfortunate reminder of the dangerous injuries often associated with pedestrian accidents. While drivers have an added layer of safety with numerous features to help prevent or minimize injuries like airbags and seat belts, pedestrians are not so lucky and may face high risks for catastrophic injuries.

In this particular pedestrian accident, the driver initially backed into another vehicle in a parking lot and was so shocked by the experience that she hit the gas, crashing into the children standing on the sidewalk at the school’s pick-up area. The injured school-age children were also joined by an infant child, who was in a stroller that became pinned beneath the vehicle in the accident. Three of the accident victims suffered traumatic injuries.

Although these accidents might seem minor due to the decreased speed traveled by most vehicles in a parking lot. Since pedestrians are at greater risk for injuries in general, and especially children, even a vehicle traveling relatively slow can yield catastrophic damage in these kinds of accidents.

According to research shared by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, children injured in pedestrian accidents may up 9 percent of all total injuries, representing more than any other age group. Anytime you are driving near a school or other area where children are present, it’s a good idea to be extra cautious and check all your blind spots before backing up. Children are often more difficult to spot, and one wrong move could lead to devastating injuries and pain. The sad reality of many a pedestrian accident is that it could have been prevented. In the worst of these situations, victims have to cope with long-lasting injuries and discomfort.