Auto makers in the United States have been moving towards making more hybrids and electric cars available to consumers.  Electric automobiles in China were on display in Shanghai, but one of their fuel efficient models has design defects that can cause car accidents.

A movement exists in countries around the world to make more fuel-efficient cars available to consumers trying to save money, but our firm’s car accident attorneys want to point out that some cars can have the potential to cause more car crashes because of possible design defects.

Some of the hybrids and electric cars on display in China appear to have better value than their American counterparts.  For example, Great Wall Motor Company’s GWKulla, an all-electric car, has a price tag from about $9,000 to just over $10,000.  Conversely, General Motors’ Chevrolet Volt carries an expensive tag of about $40,000 when it goes on sale in 2010.

These plans show China’s growing commitment to electric vehicles and its strategy to support auto makers developing electric cars with government research subsidies, but is proper testing and production being done to eliminate possible design defects that could lead to personal injuries or wrongful deaths on U.S. roadways.

For example, China’s BYD launched a hybrid car called the F3DM last year had design defects that could cause car crashes on the roads.  According to reviews, the gasoline engine in the BYD rattled and could be noisy when the engine kicks in.  Another design defect in the steering wheel caused the wheel to get stiff when turning because of the increased weight from the batteries.

Again, having fuel efficient cars is an important new step, but as car accident attorneys, our firm wants to remind everyone that even the safest, least gas guzzling cars have the potential to get in accidents, which is why it is important that you have the best car insurance policy available no matter what you drive.

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