Being involved in a car accident is always an unfortunate experience and one that may come with significant injuries and damage costs. To the best of your ability, preventing car accidents can help to minimize the expenses associated with the vehicle wreck and allow you to live a safe and healthy life. There are ten tips that you can employ in order to decrease your chances of being involved in a serious vehicle accident. When you prevent accidents, you can help to save lives.

Number 1 – Watch for Runners of Red Lights

Make sure that you count carefully before entering an intersection on a green light. Even though you have the right of way, someone else could be speeding through yellow light. If you pay attention, you could prevent accidents.

Number 2 – Pull into Traffic Slowly

Make sure you listen, stop and look before entering in traffic, merging, changing lanes or turning.

Number 3 – Always Have At Least One Hand on The Steering Wheel

In-car distractions can be extremely deadly when it comes to car accidents. Make sure you always have at least one hand and ideally two on the steering wheel.

Number 4 – Watch Out for Children

Animals and children have a way of appearing suddenly in your line of vision before it’s too late to take action. Make sure that you are constantly scanning your surroundings in order to minimize the chances of striking someone.

Number 5 – Always Scan Several Seconds Ahead

Make sure you focus on the area where you’ll be driving up to 12 seconds ahead. This means that you need to be positioned far enough from other vehicles in order to prevent car accidents.

Number 6 – Never Tailgate

Always make sure you leave a minimum of 3 seconds between you and the car in front of you.

Number 7 – Remain Courteous to Other Drivers

Although other drivers may be aggravating or engaging in negligent and reckless behavior, to the best of your ability try to avoid being discourteous to them.

Number 8 – Always Be Careful When Backing Out

Some of the most common accidents actually occur at parking lots and children extremely susceptible to being backed over. Make sure that you check the visual area in and around your car before departing to prevent car accidents.

Number 9 – Make Sure You Keep Up with Engine Maintenance Regularly

Vehicle failure can lead to a dangerous pile of accidents so ensure that you are always having your car checked out for regular maintenance.

Number 10 – Never Engage in Distracting Activity

One of the most deadly activities you can do behind the wheel is engaging in distraction. Make sure that you are always paying attention to the road and not being distracted by anything in or around the vehicle.

Number 11 – Never Drink and Drive

It goes without saying that drugs and alcohol should never be mixed with driving behavior. Make sure that you take this seriously so as to avoid a deadly accident.