It’s certainly well known that the period from Thanksgiving through the holidays is one of the leading times for car accidents all across the country. But an auto insurer called Insure the Box has revealed that one of the top days for vehicle accidents across the last several years has been January 28th. This means that you or someone you know may have recently been involved in an accident.

However, despite the fact that this is the most popular day for accidents, the company’s research also identifies that some people simply don’t know what to do if they’ve recently been involved in a crash. Young drivers, in particular, struggle to understand their rights immediately after an accident. The company identified that January is the month most prone to car accidents, with the 15th, the 28th and the 23rd being the highest days for accident alerts.
Only 12% of drivers between the ages of 17 and 29 even knew that they were supposed to stop in the event they were involved in an accident where any party incurs damage or injuries. Likewise, only 12% of the respondents in this age category agreed that they were responsible for stopping and sharing their insurance details with other people involved in the accident.