Health insurance can already be expensive for many people depending on their age and their current physical conditions.  Pricing of insurance based on gender can also lead to higher medical bills for women even in the case of personal injury.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys believe that everyone should be entitled to health insurance at a fair price.  Basing coverage on different factors helps insurance companies make more money while keeping everyone covered at various prices.  People with chronic personal injuries usually spend more money on health insurance because they need help paying their medical bills.

The gender gap, known as “gender rating” by the insurance industry, has gotten attention recently in California.  Last week, the insurance industry said it was willing to drop gender pricing but only if the government requires all residents to get health insurance in case personal injury or illness occurs.

One event that has the possibility to cause severe personal injuries is a car accident.

Our firm’s personal injury attorneys in San Diego know that car accidents have the potential to cause personal injures like broken bones, but more serious injuries can lead to emotional trauma and physical disabilities.  When those more serious personal injuries occur, it is important for those patients to have the right insurance to make sure their medical bills are paid for.

Gender pricing statistics have revealed that the range in pricing between men and women is very noticeable.  Among 25-year-old women, the gender gap had a maximum difference at 45 percent — and 48 percent among 45-year-olds.

Getting the proper health insurance can already be expensive for many people with pre-existing conditions and older people.  Combine that with the news that gender pricing creates differences in hundreds of dollars, and women may find themselves living without health insurance even if base costs decrease.

Our firm’s personal injury attornesy in San Diego believe that all people have the right to the proper insurance at the right price.  A woman with a clean medical record should not have to pay hundreds of dollars more for insurance than a man because both patients carry the same risks in health.

Gender should never play a role in your medical bills.

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