10 News in San Diego has reported that a pedestrian’s wrongful death was a result of a car accident as he was crossing an intersection in Escondido.

Our car accident attorneys aren’t insinuating that the pedestrian just wandered out into the middle of the street without looking, but we only wanted to illustrate a point made by parents across the United States.  Pedestrian accidents happen every day as a result of unexpected lopsided battles between people and cars.  Look before you leap off the curb, and if a car is speeding by a little to fast, back up.

Escondido man killed in car accident.

A San Diego native man was hit by a car — causing his wrongful death — while crossing the intersection of Brotherton Road and Centre City Parkway in Escondido at about 10:25 p.m. on Friday night.  The man was one of a group of people who were trying to cross the intersection from west to east when a driver traveling south hit him and knocked him several yards into the air towards the curb.

His death was pronounced at the scene of the accident by medical personnel.

Police officials have not yet released the identity of the driver, but after the car accident that killed the man, he pulled over immediately after the collision to cooperate with investigators according to a Lieutenant. Officials did say that the driver was not drunk driving or driving under the influence of any other drugs.

Sometimes the simplest tasks in getting from point A to point B can be extremely dangerous.  You just never know what’ll happen to you if you walk down the street.  While Some cities have high crime rates to deal with, but one thing that all cities must combat is the possibility that you can get hit by a car and be left with serious personal injuries or death.

Our car accident attorneys in Escondido want to remind pedestrians to make sure the coast is clear before crossing the street.  You drivers aren’t off the hook, though.  While driving, be mindful of your friends on foot.  If your car does something unexpected, warn other pedestrians by honking your horn.  Both classes of people (drivers and non-drivers) have responsibilities when it comes to keeping each other safe.

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