Plenty of advanced car safety features have been developed for vehicles in the last several years but unfortunately, unless a consumer is aware of all of the potential risks and is committed to doing everything possible to avoid accidents, they can and do still happen. Some newer vehicles now come standard with devices that provide a broad range of accident prevention safety features such as warnings of land departures, unseen vehicles located in blind spots, potential collisions, lane keeping assistance, rearview cameras and automatic high beams.

The advanced car safety features are certainly the technological edge that will bridge the gap to fully autonomous vehicles. Currently, there are unmanned cars in an evolutionary process but none of these vehicles are currently permitted on roads. The safety features help to keep the customer aware. When cameras, lane drifting detection and radars first came out, not all customers were in favor of them but now many people see the advantage of car safety features.

While these pieces of technology can make for safer roads, they are no substitute for keeping both eyes on the road and avoiding risky and dangerous behavior like aggressive driving.

Cars will likely be able to do even more for drivers in the future and manufacturers are currently working on the opportunity to augment windshields with night vision that warns drivers about potential pedestrians or animals that are near the road as well as network based traffic alerts that connect cars to one another with Wi-Fi, allowing cars ahead to report accidents and allow others to re-route themselves. The price of this safety equipment will decrease over time as it becomes more standard, but drivers should avoid becoming complacent on the road since accidents can happen at anytime.