It’s a sign of the times when an individual can status update on Facebook inside their vehicle. And now, Ford leads the way with new social innovations deemed as “in-car connectivity,” but will new car technology increase distracted driving on the road?

Ford’s new 2011 Edge will be equipped with MyFord technology, enabling the consumer to control entertainment including music, videos, photos, phone, text messages, and of course, Facebook, by utilizing simple voice commands.

The vehicle is even equipped with a 3D navigation screen, and the vehicle has the ability to turn a smart phone into a wireless router to access the internet in the vehicle.

Distracted driving—what the press won’t tell you about Ford’s social technology

While Ford may be enjoying record sales due in part to MyTouch technology, the vehicle manufacturer is shying away from educating the public about its associated dangers.

Distracted driving is the number 1 cause of accidents on the road today, according to data supplied by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In fact, data behind their research suggests that 80 percent of automobile accidents and 65 percent of near-accidents involve at least some form of driver distraction, including cell phone use or inattentiveness due to some kind of in-car technology.

Such findings are enough to cause alarm—and when new technology like the Ford MyTouch emerges, it causes concern for advocates seeking to maintain safety on the road.

Consumer Reports magazine also expressed concern over the new car technology, calling it distracting. According to the NHTSA, a distraction is defined as looking away from the road for more than two seconds. So while the public may be celebrating its ability to status update Facebook in their vehicles, advocates for road safety are less than thrilled since it may increase car accidents.

“The battle here, of course, is business wants the technology because they need to offer features to distinguish themselves but the government is concerned about safety,” said an analyst for Morningstar Inc.  “A lot of the technologies are meant to be hands free but if the government decides even hands free isn’t good enough, that could derail some of this.”

Ford maintains their position that in-car connectivity is safe, and not a distraction.

Distracted driving car accidents

Hopefully, if you’re like most San Diegans, you take the necessary precautions to prevent distracted driving. Doing your part ensures that San Diego car accidents are reduced and prevented.

But, for the unlucky few who are involved in a car accident due to another’s distracted driving, a whole new level of stress can be introduced, including lost wages, pain and suffering, and a possible lifetime of injuries or health problems.

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