Alternative medical treatments have become more popular as new information about the new treatments surface.  Acupuncture is a treatment where needles are inserted into the skin in areas to treat conditions like lower back injuries.

There is, however, a deceptive form of acupuncture that does not penetrate the skin, using toothpicks.  This alternative form of acupuncture has been discovered to work as well as traditional needle acupuncture for back aches.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers support the use of treatments that improve a patient’s health condition.  Back injuries and whiplash are two likely personal injuries in car accidents.  Whiplash can seem benign, but it also lead to further spinal cord injuries, so treatment by a physician should be sought out right away.

However, it should be noted that while acupuncture can treat the pain and suffering of a back injury, it cannot cure the condition.  In the study, scientists assigned 638 people with chronic personal injury to the lower back to one of four treatment groups: one group treated by a back specialist, one group received traditional acupuncture, a third group got the fake acupuncture and the fourth group received drugs for treatment of the personal injury.

Volunteers were treated 10 times over seven weeks.  A week after the last treatment, about 60 percent of those getting real or fake acupuncture reported improvement in disabilities that came from the injury to their lower back — compared with only 40 percent of those receiving any real or simulated acupuncture.

If the different acupuncture treatment does help as much as traditional acupuncture, people who get in car accidents might be willing to give the medical treatment a try if it reduces the pain.

Our San Diego personal injury attorneys know that people can suffer from various personal injuries.  Sometimes, a car crash can result in bumps and bruises that are easily fixable.  Some more serious personal injuries like back injuries, spinal cord injuries and whiplash require extra care to make sure that your condition does not worsen in the future.

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