A downward-spiraling economy means less spending money, so food makers increasingly are running ads aimed at grabbing the competitors’ share of the market — or burger, or soup can.  And their advertising arsenal includes numbers — based on their market research, often controversial and sometimes top-secret.

For instance, Domino’s Pizza Inc. said its sandwiches were preferred two-to-one over Subway’s; the resulting lawyer’s letter from its competitor was burned on-screen by Domino’s president in a follow-up ad.  Campbell Soup Co. and General Mills’ Progresso traded barbs about the number of soups the other makes with MSG.

And Burger King Holdings Inc. staged a taste test that the company says showed a preference over McDonald’s sandwiches.  But Burger King will not release any of the supporting data.

Amidst all these potentially “fake” ads, where do our car accident attorneys stand?  Our attention turns immediately towards car advertisements.  We reflect upon them, and for some reason, we recall hearing “#1 safest car” in almost all the TV ads.  Can it be that all the cars advertised have exactly the same safety ratings as revealed by the NHTSA?

After doing research on NHTSA’s safety standards and ratings, we discover that the safety ratings as reported by NHTSA are not reflected in the car advertisements.  In other words, the advertisement may claim that it is the “safest car,” but theoretically be the most personal injury prone automobile out there because of a design defect or another problem with the design.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “So what do I do?  What do I trust?”  The answer for car accident safety statistics lies in the NHTSA website, outlined in car accident statistics and safety features.  The experienced car accident lawyers at our firm believe that it is very important to find reliable sources for car safety features, especially since the incorrect data could cost thousands of lives out there on the road in the form of wrongful death accidents!

It does not matter what kind of car you drive, because if you don’t have the best car insurance policy, then it could get you in a dangerous situation, even if the advertisement neglected to tell you all the information.

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