Good news, California!  Our roads have seen a decline in wrongful deaths over the past three years!

The LA Times writes that California roads that there was a 14% decrease in fatal car accidents statewide from 2007 to 2008, with 3,434 wrongful deaths reported from traffic accidents in 2008.  The statistics for 2009 will be released later on this year and hopefully will continue the trend of less auto accidents resulting in fatalities.

Our San Diego personal injury lawyers see this as a positive sign that the majority of drivers are taking the initiative to make sure that they are traveling safely and doing everything they can to avoid fatal injuries out on the road.

The California Office of Traffic Safety is projecting numbers to continue to drop in the future, citing traffic enforcement improvements, drunk-driving awareness and prevention campaigns, as well as an economy that makes it simply too expensive to drive.  According to numbers from the U.S. Department of Transportation, our country has reached the lowest level for deaths from car accidents since 2005.

Programs from state funding, such as “Report Drunk Drivers — Call 911” campaign has proven effective, with more motorists calling authorities about suspected drunk drivers.  Data is still being crunched to find out if California’s band on text messaging and talking without a hands-free device is affecting these statistics.

Whatever the reasons, our firm’s personal injury attorneys in San Diego hope that this trend continues for years to come.  We are not so naive as to believe that deadly accidents will stop all together, but this is proof about how our statewide community can work together to make California safer and less prone to fatal car accidents.

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