Everything must come to an end.  It is an inevitable part of existance and one that we do not like to consider until it is our time to go.  Unfortunately, we do not get to decide how our stories come to a close and fate chooses it for us.

An elderly woman’s wrongful death came about last night when a television news vehicle struck her as she was in the process of crossing the road.  Authorities and medical personel did everything they could to try and save her life, but she was pronounced dead from her accident injuries at the hospital.

The wrongful death lawyers who work cases such as this one at our firm do not want to speculate, but since the winter storms have hit Southern California, driving conditions have been come much more dangerous.  The San Diego Police Department (SDPD) have ruled out slick roads due to the rain, but perhaps the cause behind the accident is the fact that the streets were dark by 6:40 p.m. when the pedestrian accident occurred.

The unidentified elderly woman was crossing the road near the Kearny Mesa intersection of Shawline Street and Clairemont Mesa Boulevard when an SUV for the news station KFMB crashed into her.  The driver of the SUV claims that he did not see the woman until it was already too late and the SUV hit her, causing severe brain injuries upon impact.

Police say that the driver was not at fault for the accident and therefore will not be charged because the woman was crossing outside of the crosswalk .  An ambulence arrived on the scene and took the elderly woman to a nearby hospital for medical treatment, but she lost her life when she arrived at the health facility.

Our firm’s experienced wrongful death lawyers know that there is sometimes no explanation for why fatal accidents such as this one occur.  After all, the elderly woman did not expect to be hit as she crossed the road, nor did the driver of the car think that someone would be in the middle of the road as he drove towards his destination.  It is a tragic end to a life that was 80-plus years in the making.

What are your feelings on this story?  Do you think the weather had anything to do with the accident, though the police think otherwise?

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