We all think that when we head downtown for a night on the town, that after we park our car, an accident is the last thing on our mind.  For one man, however, it ended up costing him his life.

One man was killed in a pedestrian accident in San Diego’s Gaslamp District after he was run over by a passing car. The man – originally of Berkeley Heights, N.J. — was in San Diego on vacation to visit friends and family for the holidays.

Our pedestrian accident lawyers know that when you put a person and a car up against each other, catastrophic injuries occur, usually to the pedestrian and not the driver.  The man was 79-years-old, making it hard for him to sustain the impact of the accident.

The incident occurred over the 2010 New Year weekend when the man was parking his Toyota Camry at F Street and 6th Avenue.  The driver of the car who hit him said he got out of his car and as the driver tried to go into reverse he ended up hitting the gas pedal, speeding right into the New Jersey resident.

The man was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment for his severe brain injury, but his condition worsened over the next two days until he passed away.

No reports have indicated if the driver was operating his vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, nor whether or not he will be criminally charged after the man died due to his brain injury in the pedestrian accident.

Our firm’s experienced pedestrian accident lawyers want to remind you that even when you get out of your vehicle, an accident involving a car can still happen and, like in this unfortunate case, take the life of someone.  Therefore, we urge all drivers and all pedestrians to look out for one another on the streets!

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