As the investigation continues into the plane crash that happened in Buffalo, New York in February, 2009, it is becoming clear that fatigue and tiredness of the pilots was a big factor in the tragedy, conditions that can also contribute to car accidents from worn out motorists.

Our car accident attorneys know that drowsy driving can cause a car accident, which can lead to a series of personal injuries, or the accident can be fatal and cause wrongful death.  Because driving is already hard to do, having enough rest before you drive — even if you’re just going to the grocery store — is important.

Many times, when motorists try to operate a car while fatigued, it can cause them to crash their automobile and create a fatal auto accident.

Now, imagine that motorist is an airline pilot is a driver on the road and the fatal car accident is a fatal plane crash that causes the wrongful death of fifty people.  Pilots usually make multiple long-range flights a day at lower altitudes and bad weather, while scrambling to get enough sleep.  Let us not forget that pilots are required to get so much sleep and rest in between flights.  If pilots are tired, and their sleep is regulated, what does that mean about tired automobile drivers?

More and more evidence is being exposed that the pilots of Continental Connections Flight 3407 were overworked and too tired to operate the plane, which eventually lead to the wrongful deaths of their passengers and crew.

If you are driving a car and feel your eyelids getting heavy, your response time slowing down, and the desire to go to sleep, pull over to a safe area and take a break from your traveling.  Shut your eyes or go to sleep for as long as it takes, get a cup of coffee, or walk-around, but do not get back on the road until you feel your fatigue has disappeared.

Our car accident attorneys urge everyone on the road to get enough sleep and rest before operating a car so that you do not cause a fatal car accident due to fatigue and tiredness.

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