The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a rare meeting on April 22, 2009 to discuss controversies surrounding issues of products liability in defective embedded medical devices such as a heart stent or a pacemaker.

Our firm’s personal injury lawyers in San Diego believe that this shows signs of great steps towards protecting consumers against defective products and product liability in the medical treatment world.  We work cases everyday where product liability has lead to a wrongful death as well as injuries such as liver problems, kidney problem, paralysis, heart attacks (e.g., Vioxx).

The meeting to discuss the products with design defects included all scientists within the device evaluation office, something that has not happened in over two years.

Nine top level scientist have informed the government about illegal activity on the part of agency officials who approved defective products for embedded use.  They went on to say patients suffering from personal injuries were routinely put at risk for more pain and suffering by using devices with design defects approved for sale despite unanimous warnings from scientific studies.

Some of the defective products in question are supposed to help with treatment of breast cancer and assist injured persons who have undergone orthopedic knee surgery.

A United States Congressional investigation into the scientists’ concerns was opened in order to investigate the product liability in question.  In January, 2009 the Government Accountability Office released a report that was not in the device center’s favor.

This week, Congress will review legislation that would ask the Institute of Medicine to investigate concerns surrounding the device division, to catch and prevent any more defective products being manufactured.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers know that severe cases of product liability can cause greater personal injury to an injured person instead of helping him or her.  Most injured persons already need help paying medical bills, but what is the point of paying for something that is only going to increase your pain and suffering?

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