While Seroquel, a prescription drug used to treat bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia, has been approved for use in children, we wonder about the potential for a personal injury with Seroquel’s side effects.

Dangerous drugs, used in children, have been known to cause many children’s injuries such as emotional trauma that results in depression and the inability to enjoy life.While the FDA has approved the use of Seroquel in children by reasoning that the drug is effective in treating certain disorders, it has not yet been determined if it safe for use.  If prescription drugs are not regulated for safety they can be extremely dangerous and can lead to personal injury, require further medical treatment, or even become a wrongful death.

Seroquel, a drug used to treat bipolar disorder, was approved by the FDA, but is personal injury still possible?

Adolescence should be a time of joy and happiness.  Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys who handle pharmaceutical liability lawsuits believe if childhood is full of emotional distress because of a medication, the drug manufacturer should be held accountable.

AstraZeneca, the manufacturer of Seroquel, brought the drugs before an FDA panel of outside medical experts to discuss personal injuries already seen with the drugs such as weight gain, sedation, and changes in cholesterol and blood-sugar levels.  The concern is whether such risks would eventually cause more severe personal injuries like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Patients taking potentially dangerous drugs should check with their doctor or pharmacist for potential life-threatening personal injuries that are associated with the prescription drugs.

Being personal injury attorneys in San Diego who handle pharmaceutical liability lawsuits, we know that in addition to causing immense emotional trauma, dangerous drugs can cause harm to the human body.

If a loved one or you suffer any sort of personal injury after taking a prescription drug, the drug maker should be held responsible for your pain and suffering.

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