The need for social acceptance can sometimes cause people to use dietary supplements.  Many Americans want to be fit and trim, and their desire can lead to the use of supplements that can be harmful.  The Food and Drug Administration issued a recall of the best-known weight loss products in an effort to prevent personal injury.

Weightloss products like Hydroxycut appeal to people that feel the need to use them; however, as personal injury attorneys in San Diego, our firm knows that — when these products have the potential to cause harm to the people using them — we recommend hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer  to handle your products liability claim.

Hydroxycut recalled after wrongful death caused by product liability

Is losing the extra couple of pounds really worth the risk of potentially permanently damaging your liver or causing a wrongful death?

Federal drug regulators warned consumers to stop using the Hydroxycut brand of weight-loss products after reports of wrongful death due to liver failure and other serious personal injuries.  The F.D.A. said it received 23 reports of health effects in people who used the product.

The company responsible for producing Hydroxycut, Iovate Health Sciences of Oakville, Ontario, voluntarily recalled 14 of the products that cause personal injury conditions and wrongful death.  Vitamin Shoppe and General Nutrition Centers (GNC) said they would be removing Hyrdoxycut products from their websites and stores.

Our San Diego personal injury lawyers understand that weight-loss products like these have their place in society.  However, we stress the importance for proper testing before a product like this is put on store shelves to prevent complications that may require medical treatment or prove to be fatal.

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