The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers of Singulair, a top-selling asthma drug, that the drug may cause psychiatric-related personal injury problems.

Because of these potential problems that cause further personal injuries, the FDA requested the drug maker, Merck Inc., to be be more careful in the prescribing instructions explaining that the drug has the potential to cause more severe personal injuries.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys believe that companies should make consumers aware of potential side effects so consumers know about potential hazards.  The FDA can only do so much to help regulate harmful drugs and there are still hundreds of drugs on the market that lead to products liability lawsuits because of side effects.

Personal injury problems that were reported in Singulair users include agitation, aggression, suicidal thinking, suicide, depression, insomnia and irritability.

Merck said in a statement it was confident in the safety of Singulair, which has been prescribed to tens of millions of patients with asthma and allergies since its approval in 1998.  The company said it would revise the drug label as requested.  The types of personal injury problems the FDA cited already were mentioned in a less prominent section of the prescribing instructions.

When companies make potentially dangerous drugs, they must always be aware of the side effects that could happen to the body or the mind.  If side effects of any kind cause personal injury, the company should be responsible and take their product off the market regardless of the profits they could lose.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys in San Diego believe that when side effects lead to the personal injury of the person using a certain drug, hiring a products liability attorney can help you correct the mistake from a company and help get your medical bills paid along with any pain and suffering you may have endured.

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