Federal health regulators have made doctors aware of side effects seen in patients taking a drug used to treat cancer.  The side effects can lead to fatal personal injuries because of the severity some of the side effects cause.

The Food and Drug Administration, the agency of the government that monitors safety in food, drugs and medical devices, warned consumers of the side effects of the drug known as Tarceva.  Tarceva is a daily pill that was approved to treat lung and pancreatic (related to the pancreas) cancer.

The personal injury attorneys at our San Diego firm wonder if the FDA knew about these side effects when Tarceva was introduced to consumers.  Side effects of Tarceva can include gastrointestinal perforation, which is a personal injury condition in which a hole that develops in the intestine or stomach.  Other patients suffered personal injury like blistering skin often seen in connection with toxic drug reactions.

Some cases of both conditions were fatal, but there is more to consider.  If you are using Tarceva, one side effect is fatigue.  Imagine coming home from a long day at the office, and the fatigue from Tarceva could lead to a drowsy driving car accident.  Many new drugs have fatigue as a side effect, and driving while tired can lead to car accidents that lead to personal injury or wrongful death.

The FDA takes charge when new drugs are revealed, and the agency takes certain steps to ensure consumer safety.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers urge clients to take their own steps while taking Tarceva and any other medication that has side effects.  Drowsy car driving can happen as a result of taking a prescription medication that includes fatigue as a side effect.

Prescription drugs definitely have their place in society, but it is important for consumers to be cautious when taking their medications, especially when operating any type of motor vehicle such as a car, truck, semi-truck, pulling a trailer and other types of vehicles.

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