Thud!  Clang!  Thump!

These sounds are quite normal in San Diego because of the many potholes.  Of all the streets in California (and the United States), San Diego streets have long been rated some of the worst.  As such, federal money will be used to correct these potholes, which are also a known cause of car accidents.

San Diego receives federal funding to fix potholes and reduce car accidents.

The city of San Diego received federal money that will be used to fix potholes, broken sidewalks and storm drains. (SOURCE: NBC San Diego)

While it may be true that road conditions are not in the best condition because of their age, our car accident attorneys believe that local infrastructures should do what they can to correct problems like potholes, which are a top cause of car accidents.  If you hit a pothole, you could swerve unintentionally or damage your car, which possibly lead to a future car accident.

By mid-morning on April 19, a platoon of street crews began treating Clairemont roadways with large amounts of asphalt.  Soon this work will spread to the rest of San Diego to fix over 1,000 city blocks.  About 135 miles of damaged streets will be repaved in a “deferred maintenance” program starting this week lasting all year.  Another 147 miles of roadway will also be resurfaced.

In many cases, the streets were damaged from constant repair to aging water and sewer mains and pipes underneath streets.  Some neighborhoods are worse than others.

“We couldn’t wait.  It was very, very bad,” a Clairemont resident told NBC San Diego.  “Ruts were so bad that we had to go to the other side of the road.  And it was very difficult to drive.”

The street repairs will be funded by $103 million in federal bond money that will finance the maintenance projects over the next two years.

With these new repairs, our car accident lawyers in San Diego see smoother drives for citizens in the future.  Potholes cause so many problems like damaged suspensions or blown tires, which can eventually lead to car accidents.  Fixing streets should be done as best as possible by state and local infrastructures to make driving a more pleasant experience for all.

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