A woman suspected of driving under the influence/DUI and speeding got into a car accident and crashed into a Chevron gas station in Orange, California.  The car accident happened at about 11:30 p.m. when the 21-year-old woman apparently lost control of her BMW while taking a curve on Main Street just before Chapman Avenue.

Our firm’s San Diego auto accident attorneys are aware that drunk driving accidents (DUI) can be more common when a person turns 21.  Car drivers who are not familiar with alcohol and underestimate their effects when driving can get into car accidents that cause personal injury and wrongful death.

Drinking can decrease your ability to make instinctive decisions and can cause car accidents that can lead to pain and suffering due to broken bones and damaged tissue or organs.  In this accident, a drunk-driver caused a ton of property damage.

The woman’s car skidded through the gas station’s parking lot and hit two concrete barriers set up to protect gas pumps.  According to the gas station manager, speeding could have also contributed to the car accident because the car looked to be going about 100 mph.

Even though the age of 21 is technically the legal age one is allowed to drink, there is still responsibility on drinkers to maintain control of how much they drink.  Drinking too much too fast can lead to decreased driving ability which can also lead to car accidents causing personal injury or wrongful death.

The auto accident attorneys at our San Diego firm urge all drivers to be responsible for their activity before, during and after a night of drinking.  Alcohol can have varying effects on drinkers depending on their gender, how much they have eaten and how long they have been drinking.  It is important to know these factors before a night of drinking leads to a car accident that leads to personal injury and wrongful death.

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