Being hurt in a motorcycle accident has the potential to leave the victim or the motorcycle rider suffering with significant consequences for the rest of their lives. Since motorcycle accident victims do not have the same protections as someone inside a passenger vehicle, a motorcycle rider is much more likely to sustain fatal injuries. There are five primary causes of motorcycle accidents and when caused by the motorcyclist, this could lead to a personal injury claim.
Rear End
Accidents can happen for motorcycles if they do not leave enough space between the vehicle in front of them. If the car in front of them suddenly stops, the rear end collision for a motorcycle can be much more serious than if it was one vehicle hitting another.
Dangerous Maneuvers
Taking on a bend or a corner is one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents if the driver does not properly calculate the size and the angle of the turn. If the timing and the speed are not handled appropriately, a rider will slam the brake and this could lead to them being thrown off the bike.
Weaving in and Out of Lanes
Although it might be legal in certain areas for riders to lane split between cars and various traffic lanes, this doesn’t always mean that the vehicle drivers see motorcyclists and therefore this can lead to accidents.
The rush and freedom of being on the open road and speeding can be exciting for a motorcycle rider but unfortunately, this is one of the most common causes of preventable motorcycle accidents.
Falling into a Blind spot
Far too many motorcycle accidents in California and beyond are caused by drivers not seeing a rider. Blind spot collisions can happen when overtaking another car or at intersections. Make sure that as a motorcycle rider you approach each potential lane change or situation as though another driver cannot see you.