Nationwide hit and run accidents make up 10% of all car crashes. In all 50 states, leaving the scene of an accident is classified as a crime. In Los Angeles alone, more than 20,000 hit and run accidents are reported every single year. Here are the five steps you need to follow in the event that you are injured in a hit and run accident:

  •       Take photos of the scene including skid marks, broken glass and vehicle damage.
  •       Find witnesses including details that may have been captured by a security surveillance camera or local residents or store employees.
  •       Contact the police in order to file a police report.
  •       Contact your insurance company at the scene of the accident or shortly thereafter to provide accident details.
  •       Get an inspection and repair estimate.

Although these are essential elements of moving forward with managing your life after a hit and run accident, you should also consult with an experienced personal injury attorney in order to protect yourself. A hit and run accident carries its own unique challenges with it, but you should still get medical attention and talk to a lawyer. 

You might be surprised to learn that not all insurance companies are easy to deal with post-accident. In the midst of coping with severe injuries, you don’t need one more thing to deal with. The hassle of an adjuster who won’t return your calls can be too much of a struggle.