There are some personal injury law firms that are involved in class action product liability lawsuits that claims that a denture cream product, Fixodent, caused personal injury from zinc buildup in the body and neurological problems.

Long-term usage of the product leads to zinc buildup and neurological problems because copper and zinc compete to bind to receptors, and the body expels the copper that is not absorbed.

This is not alright for us, as personal injury attorneys in San Diego.  We believe that if any product causes a loved one or you personal injury the maker of the product might be at fault and could then be held responsible for any pain and suffering you or your family endures, as well as help you pay your medical bills.

The cases target PoliGrip denture adhesive maker GlaxoSmithKline PLC and Procter & Gamble Co., which manufactures Fixodent, and the companies’ other branches.

In a statement, Procter & Gamble said that all Fixodent products undergo rigorous scientific evaluations and safety testing and are “generally recognized as safe in the amounts used.”  The statement also said P&G estimates that the amount of zinc a consumer could ingest from daily use of Fixodent is equivalent to about six ounces of beef.

“Zinc is a common ingredient in many over-the-counter products, a variety of foods and is a vital part of our daily diet,” stated Procter & Gamble. “In fact, zinc supplements are commonly sold.”

Scott William Weinstein, an attorney in the Fort Myers, Fla., office of Morgan & Morgan, said his firm has begun to screen more than 3,000 potential personal injury cases and is ready to file personal injury lawsuits on 40.

“Tens of millions of consumers use these products, PoliGrip and Fixodent, and you’d be surprised about the demographics,” Weinstein said.

With tens of millions of customers using this product on a daily basis one cannot help but think: how are products that cause personal injury able to reach the public?  Our San Diego personal injury lawyers believe that it is the responsibility of the manufacturers to thoroughly test their product before it is put into stores for sale.

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