Car accidents are a leading cause of wrongful deaths amongst teenage drivers.

Because of this, the Driving Activity Recorder (DAR) is designed to prevent these teenage auto accidents from occurring, hopefully save the lives of many new drivers.

A DAR is a device that monitors a car’s activity and provides a detailed report of places, routes and speeds traveled.  It uses a 16-channel global positioning system (GPS) receiver to track the movements of the car to which it is attached (internally or externally, using the device’s built-in magnet for covert purposes), storing locations on its built-in flash memory that holds up to 100 hours of driving activity.

Removed from the car, the reporter connects to your computer’s USB port, and the included software allows you to view the time, date and precise locations visited.  It will even show how fast a car driver was traveling, using animated digital street maps.  The data can also be examined using Google Earth for precise satellite pictures of locations visited.

It’s durable, water-resistant frame enables operation between -15° to 185° F.  Two AAA lithium batteries are required and will provide up to three weeks of operation, and the device will enter sleep mode if it does not detect car movement within two minutes.

Gadgets like these are made to protect the lives of teenage drivers from fatal car accidents.  As car accident lawyers, we are excited to hear about these innovations in safety technology and hope to see a decrease in teenage driver fatalities resulting from auto accidents.

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