Two years ago, the City of San Diego decided to make drinking on the beach illegal. This spawned a party on the water called Floatopia which uses a loophole in the law to allow drinking on the water.

Saturday’s event was much smaller than expected, and as a result, the potential for car accidents caused by drunk-driving was lowered.  Our car accident lawyers know that drunk-driving causes thousands of wrongful deaths every year, and those deaths leave friends and families with irreplaceable losses in their lives.

Deflated ‘Floatopia’ might now reduce drunk-driving potential.

San Diego police believed that about 5,000 would have attend the most recent Floatopia event held on Saturday May 8 at Fiesta Island.  Their estimation was about 4,000 people off.

About 700 people attended Floatopia, an event held by beach goers that use a loophole in San Diego’s beach booze ban by drinking on the water as opposed to on the beach.  San Diego police say the adults technically aren’t breaking any laws, but the event is still dangerous and can lead to drunk-driving when some patrons attempt to drive home intoxicated.

The SDPD are working with San Diego City Council to possibly change the law and further eliminate the possibility of drinking at the beach (on the sand or in the water), but some patrons of the party are becoming more and more hesitant from going.

“There is nothing but pee and puke in there, why would you want to go in there?,” one party guest told NBC San Diego.

Officials from the SDPD reported that one person was arrested and another 20 had to be rescued by lifeguards to prevent drowning incidents from occurring.  The problem with Floatopia has always been the after effects: the noise accompanied with the thousands of people and the trash (both on the beach and in the water) left behind.

Organizers of the party moved it to the east side of Fiesta Island where there’s more room, parking and no residents nearby.  That slight change didn’t make too many improvements.

Our car accident lawyers in San Diego believe that Floatopia is just a bad idea for so many reasons.  Not only can you potentially drown as a result of your drinking, but if you decide to attempt to drive home, you run the risk of causing a car accident as a result of drunk driving.  Sometimes, it’s much more worth while to simply follow the laws rather than find dangerous loopholes.

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