It’s bittersweet when we hear about an individual’s great progress after an accident. On the one hand, there is much celebration in the honor of the life, advancement and increased well-being for those injured in an accident. On the other hand, long-term injury is still a tragedy that reminds us of the power and destruction of car accidents.

Four years ago, we reported in our blog about an 18-month toddler who was struck by a drunken driver as his grandfather took him out in his stroller one unassuming, tragic morning. Fortunately, the toddler survived but not without severe disabilities. At the time, “doctors held little hope for his survival,” but the strong boy made it and he continues to make significant progress today as a five year old little boy – a celebration to his family and all who know this amazing little human.

When the accident first occurred four years ago, it left the baby boy blind and completely paralyzed. The accident robbed him of his enjoyment of life and left the San Diego community emotionally raw in wake of the tragic accident. Today, though, the little boy has made huge strides that no one ever thought was possible. He can see, crawl, sit up and stand with support. He is off his ventilator. Even more heartwarming is his laughter, smile and clapping hands. The progress is amazing and we celebrate along with the San Diego community in light of his ongoing recovery.

“It’s hard, especially at this time of the year, to reminisce about what he was like before the accident. But what has pulled us through is how the community has been there for us every step,” said his father.

The accident was one riddled with tragedy and sadness. As the boy was being pushed in his stroller by his grandfather, a teen drunk driver with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit crashed into the pair, causing extreme personal injury to the young boy including brain damage, a collapsed lung and a weakened immune system, among many other injuries.

Understandably, the community was outraged. Compassion and help poured in for the family and boy’s progress. A non-profit called Passion 4 K.I.D.S. was formed and raised more than $160,000 in donations. However, the family still continues to struggle despite the donations due to the boy’s ongoing medical expenses and the cost of his father to stay at home and provide care.

We celebrate this amazing boy’s recovery and we wish him and his family only the best in health and prosperity.


It’s no secret that medical care can be pricey and nevertheless extremely necessary. In particular, medical care after a car accident can be exorbitantly expensive due to the ongoing expense of care. What options are there to pay for your medical bills?


In the state of California, you can file a claim with your own insurance company to pay for medical bills. In most cases, the insurance company will pay up to your bodily damage limit. However, it is important to talk to a car accident attorney before contacting your insurance company for medical bill payment. You may be entitled to additional legal rights.


If the other driver was at-fault, you can file your medical bill claim with their insurance company. Again, it is extremely important to talk to a personal injury attorney who will file your claim to ensure you get the maximum amount allowed by law for your injuries.


Another option in paying medical bills is to file a personal injury lawsuit directly against the other driver. In cases like these, most people use a San Diego personal injury attorney to file the claim and handle their case.


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