At first blush, most people would dismiss a food recall for a mere spice. After all, how much injury could a spice cause? The truth is, a whole lot.

By now, most of us know that peanut allergies can be deadly. In some people, peanuts can cause severe allergic reactions including anaphylactic shock which could lead to death. And the spice recall? It has everything to do with peanuts. So, if you’re allergic to peanuts or if you have children who are, this food recall might be the most important article you’ll read all week.

Cumin and products containing cumin are being recalled in large numbers due to undeclared peanut proteins. As reported by Fox News (2/19/2015), the cumin recall started in December and has been mounting ever since with many products being pulled from grocer’s shelves ranging from seasoning mixes to taco kits.

According to reports, ingested foods containing the spice could result in a peanut allergic person’s death although, thankfully, no deaths have been reported. Injury, in this case, could be likely. Following the ingestion of a tainted cumin product, a peanut allergic person could experience rashes, swelling, and wheezing or airway obstruction.

For more information from the FDA about this cumin recall, click here.


Cumin is used in many Tex-Mex, Mexican, Spanish and Indian foods. The ingredient can often be found in taco seasonings, prepared soups, canned items like chili and frozen entrees such as TV dinners.

Unfortunately, you can’t always tell which foods may contain cumin as current regulations don’t require food manufacturers to declare which spices have been used to condiment foods.

The best line of prevention is to throw out anything that might be seasoned with the spice; anything with a southwest flavor is likely to be a culprit. You may also want to inspect other ethnic foods and seasonings, especially those labeled to have mixed flavors.


If have an allergy or if you have children with allergies, you already know how important it is to safeguard them against the potential danger of exposure to this common and deadly peanut allergen.

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