While there are more advanced techniques for tracking illness to its source, allowing faster recalls for contaminated products that are edible, many people are still afraid of suffering a personal injury or wrongful death accident due to contaminated food.

The San Diego personal injury attorneys at our firm believe that when food manufacturers and the persons responsible for checking their safety do not thoroughly make sure that food is of a certain quality, then they could be held accountable in a court of law for product liability, defective food products, and harmful drugs that are sold to consumers.

When food companies and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are negligent in their jobs is when product deficiencies happen, usually causing personal injury with extensive amounts of pain and suffering in tow.

There has been an increase in food coming from abroad, posing unique problems concerning product liabilities that cause personal injury to people who eat them.

If a food product had been recalled due to product liability, how many other foods do you think are out there that have the same product deficiencies that are just waiting to be discovered?

New products like bagged salads require extra handling, increasing the risk of contamination and therefore, the risk of product liability and personal injury.  Recent outbreaks include foods once considered to free of product deficiencies—like spinach and peanuts—but now have the potential for product liability personal injuries.

Our personal injury attorneys in San Diego know from experience that food companies and the FDA can be negligent in making sure food products are safe from product liability and product deficiencies.  When these harmful products are not caught in time it is you who will be caught in its wake and require medical treatment for these organizations’ oversights.

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