Cleveland Browns football player Donte’ Stallworth agreed to plead guilty to a DUI manslaughter charge after a fatal auto accident caused the wrongful death of a pedestrian.

Our San Diego car accident attorneys are always shocked when another DUI car crash happens.  Even more surprising is when athletes or celebrities drink and drive.  Don’t these people make enough money to hire a chauffeur or call a taxi?  There are countless amounts of cases proving that drinking and driving is a bad combination, yet there are still drivers that believe they can get away with driving a car intoxicated.

Drunk-drivers cause too many car accidents, and DUI car accidents are the worst types of car crashes.  The diminished instincts and reflexes from drinking can lead to a wrong move by a driver, and one wrong move can cause a car accident.

In an effort to prevent further drunk driving accidents, our car accident attorneys have put together a resource page with ways you can prevent drunk driving.  On this page, you’ll find links to organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving or Students Against Drunk Driving.  There is also information to help you figure out whether or not you may have an alcohol problem.

Too many times in drunk driving accidents, prevention is key.

In this DUI case, Stallworth’s drunk-driving caused the wrongful death of a pedestrian after he was hit by Stallworth’s car.

Miami Beach police said Stallworth was drinking at a bar at a hotel in Miami.  He left to go to one of the three properties he owns in the Miami area.  Once there, he headed out in his black car on MacArthur Causeway, which links beaches to downtown Miami.

Stallworth had a reported blood-alcohol level of .126 after the crash, which is well above the limit of .08.  Stallworth stopped after the crash and immediately told police he hit a 59-year-old man. Police estimated he was driving about 50 mph in a 40 mph zone.

Stallworth’s sentence consists of 30 days in jail, eight years of probation, two years of house arrest, suspension of his license and 1,000 hours of community service.  He has also been suspended by the NFL indefinitely, and NFL commissioner Roger Goddell is expected to make a ruling on Stallworth’s NFL future.

Does this seem like a proper punishment for someone who caused the wrongful death of a man because of his irresponsibility leading him to drive drunk?  Football players and regular citizens both have the ability to call a cab or a friend if they think about driving drunk.  Is this not a better idea?

The San Diego car accident attorneys believe this sentence may be what the courts of Miami decided, but there is no punishment or price that can compare with the life of another human being.

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