Celebrities got it all, don’t they?  The money, the house, the cars, the clothes!  Even local celebrities live the high life.

But no celebrity is above the law and those who decide to make a poor choice, like drinking and driving, usually end up in jail with their shameful acts publicly displayed for all the world to see (like this blog!).  Such was the case after former KFMB radio host Allison Ross was arrested last week on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol.

Former San Diego news anchor Allison Ross was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. (Source: YouTube)

Our firm’s experienced car accident attorneys in San Diego have state time after time that when you get behind the wheel of a car after having one too many drinks at the bar, you are making a dangerous choice because your actions can lead to catastrophic injuries, physical disabilities, and wrongful deaths if you end up causing a car accident.

You would think that someone in the broadcast media would know that drinking and driving accidents thousands of people on the road every year, but obviously Ross chose to ignore that fact when she decided to drive under the influence of alcohol.  Luckily, the police pulled her over before any personal injuries happened or lives were lost, and took her into their custody at the Las Colinas jail.

Her current bail is set at $2,500 while Ross currently awaits her arraignment in court, where she will likely be reminded yet again that DUI accidents are preventable.  Just because she did not cause a crash does not mean that it could not have happened if authorities had not stopped Ross when they did.

How many times do our San Diego auto accident attorneys have to say: “do not drink and drive!” and “get someone to drive you home if you are planning on drinking” so that you do not end up in jail like Allison Ross or cause a tragic accident like the one that took the life of a young San Diego mother-to-be on New Year’s Eve?  This is one more time.  Now the question is when will it be the last time?

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