Four individuals paid the ultimate price in a San Diego accident where a Honda Odyssey crashed into an Acura. The Acura was speeding through a red light at Industrial Boulevard and Main Street at 2 o’clock in the morning and slammed into the Odyssey immediately.

The collision propelled the Odyssey into a pole and ultimately, the car was ripped in half. Four people inside the Accura passed away, and a fifth person suffered devastating injuries.

While all six passengers inside the Odyssey did survive the accident, two did have severe injuries. One of those victims has a spinal cord injury as well, which is one of the most catastrophic and difficult to recover from after a car accident.

Not paying attention to your surroundings and failing to stop at all red lights can create critically dangerous accidents just like this one. Since other cars certainly expect you to stop at a red light and are well within their own rights to proceed on a green light, no one can anticipate behavior and prevent these kinds of accidents from happening.

It is important to always pay attention to red light stop signs and other road hazards that indicate that you should slow done or stop completely. There are too many accidents in the San Diego area that are completely preventable linked to someone not being able to stop or withdraw from reckless behavior behind the wheel.