Ever hear the phrase: “tastes like chicken?”  It is the theory that many foods taste like chicken.  If that is true, does that mean all food poisoning tastes like chicken?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report on June 11, 2009 that says chicken is the most commonly identified source of food poisoning leading to personal injury and possibly wrongful death.

Our personal injury attorneys in San Diego know many products can cause personal injury or wrongful death.  Contaminated foods can lead to illnesses that can cause more permanent damage or wrongful death in the elderly, for example, because their immune systems cannot handle it.

Two-thirds of all food-related illnesses in product liability cases traced to a lone ingredient were caused by viruses which are often added by restaurant workers who fail to wash their hands causing what many people call “stomach flu”.

Salmonella, the bacteria found in nationwide outbreaks of contaminated peanut butter, spinach and tomatoes, was the second-leading cause of sole-source food illnesses.

After an intensive campaign by the federal Department of Agriculture to improve the safety of chickens, the number of people sickened by contaminated poultry in 2006 declined compared with a previous five year average.

Even though progress has been made, product liability is still possible because of the unpredictability of food preparation.  Ranchers can be at fault before processing, and restaurants can be liable for product liability if their food is not cooked or handled properly.

The San Diego personal injury attorneys urge consumers to always be mindful of the food and drinks they put in their bodies.  It is true that companies are doing what they can to prevent personal injury and illness from food poisoning, but when cooking food (especially meat), always make sure to cook thoroughly to kill as much of the bacteria as possible.

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