The overly cliché saying is that nothing in life is free.

While this is the case more than less nowadays, what if you were told something was free but were then billed for that procedure later?  This is exactly what is happening in the medical field.

Currently, people are going in for what appear to be free health screenings only to find out later that they owe money for such screenings, sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars in medical bills, because their insurance didn’t cover certain procedures. 

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys believe that if you are in any sort of accident (i.e. a car crash), you may suffer any number of personal injuries.  Car accidents are emotionally traumatic incidents and can leave you needing help paying medical bills.  Across the country more and more people are being left with high medical bills because their insurers do not consider certain procedures as preventive.

A Nashville, Tennessee-native, 50, thought he had received a free colonoscopy but was instead billed more than $1,000 in medical bills.  Besides the screening, his doctor had removed some polyps, and his insurance did not classify the doctor’s work as preventive.  So in the end he was charged with what he would owe for a typical surgery — leaving him with high medical bills!

What if a loved one or you suffered a personal injury during a car accident and were treated for it only to find out later that your insurance did not cover the procedure leaving you with high medical bills and seeking help paying medical bills?  Would you not want your insurer to be held accountable for what they vowed to do in your health insurance policy?

The personal injury lawyers in our San Diego firm understand that if you suffer a personal injury that may force you out of work not only will it cause you emotional trauma but it will cause you to lose wages.  If your insurance fails to uphold the agreement set upon by you and them then they had better have answers as to why.

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