With gas prices fluctuating, car drivers are struggling to fill their gas tanks.  Here are a few tips to save your gas and your money:

  • Stop speeding! Driving 75 miles per hour reduces a car’s fuel economy compared to driving a car at 65 miles per hour.  By driving slower, a car driver can add 3-5 more miles per gallon.  Some people say that, “time is money,” but is speeding to shave off a couple of minutes to your commute really worth the gas prices?  Especially if speeding also increases the risk of a car accident occurring.
  • Save up your smaller errands so you can run them all in one trip, rather than making several trips.  Allowing the car to cool down between trips to and from your house can use twice as much gas as doing all your errands at once, keeping your car engine warm between stops.  Start with the errand at the farthest destination and then work your way back home.  This will allow the engine of your automobile to reach its optimal temperature to operate, and your engine will restart easily as you make the stops along the way home.
  • Regularly maintain your car.  Check your automobile’s owner’s manual for what the optimal tire pressure should be and make sure your tires are properly inflated.  This can improve your car’s gas mileage up to 3.3%.  Replacing air filters regularly can help improve fuel economy up to 10%.  Take your car in for regular tune-ups to make sure nothing is wrong with your automobile.
  • Do not accelerate or brake too quickly. Start braking for a yellow or red light early so you are not stomping on your car’s brake at the last minute.  Take your foot off the gas pedal sooner and coast your way to a stop while gently braking.  This will reduce the likelihood of a rear-end car accident.  When the light turns green again, do not race away to be stopped by another red light.  Press lightly on the gas pedal.

Our car accident lawyers recommend these tips not only because it can save you money, but also because they can help decrease the risk of an automobile accident occurring.  Speeding, for example, can reduce a car driver’s response time, increasing the risk that he or she will not be able to slow down or stop in time to avoid a car accident.  Regular maintenance of your automobile can help catch problems with your car before they become dangerous, possibly allowing your car to break down or cause a serious car accident.

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