Many American drivers are looking to cut their fuel costs and use less gasoline to go further, but their eco-friendly methods of driving may lead to more car accidents.

Our car accident lawyers are concerned that eco-friendly driving will cause more car accidents because other drivers will not be prepared for cars that coast along inclines or slow down when turning instead of putting pressure on the breaks.

Technology has made many improvements to the amount of gasoline cars consume while being operated, but it does not cover all the bases.  Drivers are finding that their gas efficient cars, such as the Prius, do not produce results in their fuel tank like manufactures promise.

“If you own a Prius and you drive it like a Corvette, you’re not going to get the results they talk about,” said the President of Pro Formance Group, Inc., a company that promotes and teaches eco-friendly driving.

The idea behind eco-friendly driving is to use your car more like you would use your bike: accelerating only gradually, coasting whenever possible and constantly adjusting speed to minimize the need to stop.

The problems come when other cars on the road are unaware of when these strategies in use, leading to road rage, driver distraction, and potential automobile accidents.

Another worry is that car driver distraction-caused auto accidents will occur because car drivers are trying to learn how to drive all over again.  One skill recommended is to keep below 2,000 revolutions per minute to maximize the amount work the engine has to do.  Car accidents could increase if drivers are focused more on their tachometer rather than traffic on the road.

Instead of having drivers take matters into their own hands, putting other automobile motorists at risk, why not create laws that enforce eco-friendly methods when drivers are being tested for their licenses?  That way everyone on the road would have the same set of skills and no one would be caught off guard.

Saving the environment and lowering the amount of gasoline Americans use is an important cause, but not when it endangers the lives of drivers and their passengers on the road in automobile accidents.

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