In lieu of General Motors selling their assets in the midst of bankruptcy, GM has agreed to take on many future products liability lawsuits for those individuals who suffered a personal injury or even wrongful death as a result of a design defect.

The Detroit-based automobile company amended the sale agreement to clarify that it will take on some tax and workers’ compensation claims, maintain utility service to plants being left behind and accept future product liability and “lemon law” lawsuits.  The new company will take on products liability lawsuits of any car accident that happens ater the sale.

General Motors bankruptcy has car accident victims worried about products liability.

Our San Diego car accident lawyers know that cars have hundreds of parts that could potentially contribute to serious injury and wrongful death in automobile accidents.  When a design defect causes a car accident, the car maker needs can be responsible for the car accident leading to personal injury and wrongful death.  Some personal injury can be permanent and lead to constant high medical bills.

While the government’s original plan was aimed at preventing individuals from bringing forth products liability lawsuits after their bailout, now GM is saying that they will take on future products liability claims.

As car accident attorneys in San Diego, we believe that consumers who are in a car accident and suffer personal injury should be able to seek a settlement in a products liability lawsuit stemming from an automobile accident.  We believe that what GM is doing to uphold products liability lawsuits for individuals badly injured by a design defect in one of their cars is a good thing.

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