General Motors recalled about 200,000 Hummer H3 vehicles, according to KTLA, after a design defect of the car’s hood created a potential car accident hazard.  It’s the newest in a wave of automobile recalls that have already happened this year.

Our car accident lawyers know cars and trucks aren’t always designed or made perfectly.  With every vehicle, there are potential design defects that can be the main cause behind a car accident.  The responsibility falls on the auto manufacturer to issue a recall to prevent these tragedies from happening.

Hummer H3s recalled by General Motors due to hood design defect.

General Motors recalled the Hummer H3s that had been produced since the 2006 model year to fix a part of the hood called “the louver.”  The louver is a panel on the hood that allows air to enter the engine housing and prevent overheating.  Originally, this part helped cool the engine on older models, but on the H3, it was left as a decoration

New studies show that the louver can become detached and cause injuries if the louver strikes another car on the road.  According to recall documents filed by General Motors to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), tabs holding the louver in place can fracture causing it to rattle against the hood and shake loose.

A repair involving adding an adhesive to refasten the louver to the hood corrects the problem according to statements from Hummer spokesman to the Associated Press.  Richards also noted that the problem has caused to complaints in the United States and Japan so far.

General Motors plans to send more information about the Hummer recall to dealers, giving details on the fixes happening this week, followed by a letter to Hummer owners next week about what they can do to make their vehicle safer in light of this product liability.

Our car accident lawyers in San Diego are pleased to see General Motors acting swiftly to correct the problem in their vehicles.  No car accidents have been reported as a result of the design defect, and in the future, we hope all car manufacturers are mindful of potential problems such as this.

Even if the part in question is for aesthetic beauty, it can still do some damage on the road.

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