Residents of Vauban, Germany, a classy community of trailblazers, are taking the road less traveled by most suburbanites by giving up their cars, which should mean that it will lower car accident statistics in the area.

Being car accident attorneys, we know that an auto accident can change your life forever because they usually result in severe personal injuries, including everything ranging from whiplash to paralysis, all of which have medical bills which you will need help paying.

In the most tragic instances, bad automobile accidents turn into fatal car accidents.  This town is thinking that the only way to lower car accident statistics completely until they reach zero is to get rid of cars and automobiles all together?

Vauban—where 70 percent of families do not own a car at all and 57 percent of them sold a car to move there—completed development in 2006.  The nearly car accident free village is an example of a movement called “smart planning,” a growing trend in Europe, the United States and elsewhere to separate suburban life from using autos.

The square mile German suburb is home to 5,500 residents and could be the most advanced experiment in low-car suburban life.  You could live there a never have to worry about getting a personal injury from an automobile accident or getting hit in a pedestrian accident as you walk to your destination.

But what happens when Vauban residents go into car-heavy areas of Germany?  Will their auto-less lifestyle lead to neglect and poor driving techniques when they are on the road, causing them to get into a fatal car accident?

As car accident attorneys, we believe that certain areas might be able to reduce car accident statistics within a certain perimeter, but automobile accidents and pedestrian accidentswill never go away completely.

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