If you are injured in a car accident, you will need to call for medical assistance almost immediately.

In the past, Mercedes-Benz sold cars equipped with an emergency-response system to aid those injured in auto accidents.  Now, that car accident safety technology is obsolete.  This leads to problems for people injured in car accidents that need help.

Our car accident attorneys know how important it is to get medical help after an automobile accident at a hospital as soon as possible, especially if the injured person is in a remote part of town or drove off of a road.  A person’s pain and suffering can worsen with every passing second after a car crash because there is never a way to accurately assess injury at the scene of a car accident without medical treatment.

The old emergency response system in Mercedes-Benz, known as “Tele Aid,” linked its subscribers to roadside assistance operators through technology provided by AT&T Wireless Services, Inc.  When this car accident safety technology was created, the system ran on analog signals — despite the fact that the car company knew that switching to digital would be mandatory in 2008.

So Mercedes-Benz continued to sell cars with the “Tele Aid” feature in their cars knowing the product would become obsolete in future auto accidents.

Imagine the security that came with this feature, and the horror when it does not work when needed after a car accident.  If you suffer personal injury from the car accident, then it is possible that that time might not be on your side and you could be caught in an unfortunate wrongful death.

Mercedes-Benz placed a notice about discontinuation of the analog Tele Aid on its website in November 2006.  Yet many car owners did not learn about the change until AT&T sent them letters upon the expiration of their subscriptions in 2007.  Some of them might not have found out until it was too late in an auto accident.

Mercedes-Benz acted irresponsibly, and hopefully, the lack of proper medical help did not cause more personal injuries.  If Mercedes-Benz sold a car with this technology, charged a customer for it and it is of enormous benefit; they should continue to use this technology.

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