Finding someone with an extra dime to spare is rare these days, which is why it is so amazing that generosity and compassion towards those living with paralysis still exists, even in these hard, economic times.

According to MedCity News, $625,000 will be given over the course of five years to the MetroHealth System in Cleveland to fund spinal cord rehabilitation programs.  The money has been donated by a local philanthropist and arts patron with the intent that the programs will focus on electro-stimulation and art therapy.

Our San Diego firm’s paralysis lawyers are impressed that someone would donate so much money towards improving the quality of life for those who are recovering from spinal cord injuries.  The cost of living greatly increases, making it harder to pay medical bills and getting the right kind of medical assistance.  What’s important to remember, and what Lewis seems to have in mind, is not just giving these people medical attention but rather new and more creative paralysis treatments to help someone after they are diagnosed with paralysis.  In many ways, she is thinking outside the box.

The’ donation will make it possible for MetroHealth maintain an Artist-in-Residence Program that uses therapy by way of arts and creativity.  The Artist-in-Residence Program has been going for five years so far and will continue on for many more years.  The money will also help fund the functional electrical stimulation (FES) program, a type of technology that give paralyzed patients restored movement in their body and rediscover their motor skills.

Cleveland is just the starting point for a much larger project.  The donor’s intent is to take FES world wide, claiming that nothing gives her as much pleasure as watching someone who was once paralyzed take part in activities, such as sports, when the chances of them ever moving again were slim to none.

The spinal cord injury attorneys at our San Diego law firm wish that there were more people like him s in the world because their support to helping those living with paralysis recover is essential.  Remember, it isn’t just surgeries and medications that help someone recover from a spinal cord injury — it is about living life in a different way, but not missing out on the things that make us happy.

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