Any family can be rocked by a car accident death, and it’s common to look into what caused the accident in order to get some answers and some closure.

An epidemiologist from Yale University has recently completed a research study that argues that as temperatures increase from more heat trapping gases in the atmosphere above earth, car accident death numbers will only increase.

According to research from the Transportation Department, traffic deaths increased by 7.2% in 2015. Rising temperatures and higher rainfall meant the people were driving many more miles than they would have otherwise and accordingly the researcher believed that this is tied to more driving death.

If the temperature gets warmer, this could add to many more miles on the road and greater chances of a serious accident. The study also identified that warmer weather accounted for approximately the vast majority of extra deaths that occurred on the road in 2015. 2015 saw the biggest increase in traffic deaths in more than 50 years and is one of a handful of years that serves as a punctuation among a massive decrease in traffic death in general since the 1970s.

The Transportation Department, however, believes that there are other factors involved in the surge in traffic deaths in 2015 such as speeding, distracted driving and drunk driving. Low gas prices may also encourage more people to be on the road and can increase the chances of a significant accident.

If a car accident death has turned your world upside down, there are several legal questions that need to be answered right away. Make sure you get the facts so that you know your options as a loved one.