The U.S. Senate put the pedal to the metal and approved an additional $2 billion to be allocated to the “Cash for Clunkers” program.  The program is intended to get more fuel-efficient and safer cars on roads to prevent injuries from car crashes.

An initial $1 billion of funding was approved in June and generated more than $920 million in rebates and more than 220,000 in car sales, but the rapid depletion of funds prompted car makers and government officials to seek more funding.As car accident lawyers, we believe this program definitely has its merits.  Older cars that do not have the safety features that new cars have such as side airbags and improved crumple zones can significantly decrease the possibility of serious injury like whiplash or wrongful death in a car crash.

More fuel efficient vehicles are promoted with this government program in an effort to decrease environmental issues caused by carbon monoxide which can lead to lung conditions such as emphysema or certain types of lung cancer.

The program offers consumers a federal rebate of up to $4,500 if they trade their old vehicles for new, more fuel efficient ones.  Major automakers said the current $1 billion program has helped their companies, suppliers, scrap yards and other small businesses.

“There is no question that ‘cash for clunkers’ has succeeded,” said the chief executive of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the chief trade group for General Motors Co, Chrysler LLC, Ford Motor Co and Toyota Motor Corp.

The House of Representatives passed the $2 billion extension on July 31, and the Senate took a week to approve the measure.

As car accident lawyers, we promote this and other government programs whose goal is to prevent injury or wrongful death from car accidents.  We also believe consumers who can take advantage of this program should because a new car can do so much to enhance a person’s driving experience, just make sure that you also get the best car insurance policy for your new set of wheels.

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