Government spending related to smoking and the abuse of alcohol and illegal drugs reached $468 billion in 2005.  That number is one-tenth of federal, state and local costs for all expenses.

The medical bills for treatment of personal injury related to these abuses are equally expensive because many conditions resulting from habits like drug and alcohol abuse become permanent.

Our firm’s San Diego car accident attorneys abuse of alcohol and drugs can also lead to car accidents which cause their own personal injury.  Personal injury from car accidents can range from whiplash to spinal cord injury causing paralysis (i.e. paraplegia and quadriplegia) as well as traumatic brain injury like concussions.

You might need help to pay your medical bills because they can be very costly and may not be cured completely.  A condition like paralysis is permanent, and the continuous treatment for day to day activity can be expensive as well.

Addictions and substance abuse – especially alcohol – result in bad health and crime and are underlying factors in other problems that have high costs like homelessness, domestic violence and child abuse which causes further personal injury.

Our firm’s personal injury attorneys in San Diego believe that substance abuse can lead to car accidents and personal injury.  If you or a loved one could have a substance abuse problem, there are many ways for people to get help.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a program dedicated to helping people with alcohol abuse.  If you have a problem with a drug abuse problem, checking into a drug rehab clinic can help prevent a more serious personal injury from happening.

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