The Global Positioning System (GPS) has been a recent development.  You can find a GPS in almost anything: standard GPS systems, a feature in the dashboard on many new cars as well as most of the newest cell phones.

But is it possible that a GPS can cause more car accidents than it prevents due to their potential to distract a driver and cause a car crash?

Our car accident attorneys believe that GPS systems can be helpful, but they have the potential to cause more car accidents rather than it can prevent.  The GPS can be as dangerous of a distraction as the radio in your car or a cell phone in your pocket.

A GPS can be just as distracting as a cell phone when you are driving in your car.  You are driving along following a GPS when something unexpected happens that the GPS did not become aware of until it was too late.  Before you know it, you are involved in a car accident that leads to serious injury or wrongful death.

Taking the human factor out of driving can only cause more car accidents because computers lack the ability to make the split second decisions a human can.  Sometimes the best way to prevent a car crash involves natural human instincts.

For example, the new TomTom GO 740 LIVE gets traffic updates on car accidents every two minutes and detours you around traffic jams.  The idea sounds like a great one, but what happens when the detour the GPS gives you includes directions to turn the wrong way down a one-way street.  Detours can also send drivers down paths they are unfamiliar with causing them to drive faster and with a little more anxiety which can lead to panic and cause car crashes.

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