They say that when artists work within the borders of a limitation, their creativity expands and their art finds new ways to break free.

Our firm’s San Diego paralysis lawyers know that when you experience a spinal cord injury from a car accident, you face challenges in our outlook for recovery, but a correct form of paralysis treatment and maintaining a level of activity that you did prior to your accident is key for getting better.

For one California graffiti artist, it is a whole different game all together.

According to Tonic, the man in this case is a paralyzed graffiti artist in Los Angeles who draws his tags and murals from a hospital bed using the Eye Writer.  By continuing to engage in his art and creativity,the man has found a way to keep up with craft even as he battles the challenges that come with living with paralysis.

In 2003, nearly every muscle in his body became rigid with paralysis after he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease.  He couldn’t move and become confined to a bed at a local hospital.  He still draws graffiti style pictures thanks to a new form of technology, the Eye Writer, that allows him to work using just his eyes.  The Eye Writer — priced similarly to an iPod shuffle — gives this man the ability to create art in ways that have never been seen before.

“He can plot points,” explains the inventor of the Eye Writer.  “And from plotting points, create letters.  And from creating letters, create words. And then color the words, shade the words, extrude them in 3-D, add different features.”

The paralysis lawyers at our San Diego law firm know that sometimes those who have been diagnosed with paralysis never recover.  They also know that when you give an artist a paint brush, no matter in what form, they will create something that exceeds their limitations and proves what you can do with your mind.

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Do you know anyone that had to overcome something in their life, similar to this paralysis?