In what’s believed to be an accident caused by drunk driving, a pedestrian was lodged in the front seat of the driver’s vehicle for more than a mile after the accident happened. The driver who struck the pedestrian hit the victim and then promptly left the scene of the accident. A DUI accident can lead to catastrophic injuries and could result in criminal charges and civil penalties.

Witnesses reported seeing the man on the sidewalk being hit by the car near the 4000 block of Mission Avenue just after 6 o’ clock in the morning. The speed of the vehicle caused the victim to fly into the windshield and ultimately come to a rest in the passenger seat. The driver was arrested and charged with felony DUI, vehicular manslaughter, and felony hit and run.

Accidents involving pedestrians can lead to catastrophic injuries. if the victim survives he or she may have grounds for a personal injury claim against the person driving the vehicle. Family members of a loved one who has been killed in a hit and run pedestrian DUI accident may have grounds for a wrongful death claim in California.